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Pukka Yarn is founded by two partners in 2019. Pukka yarn started its commercial life as a hand knitting yarn brand and hand knitting yarn manufacturer for well known brands. We have over 15 years experience in hand knitting yarn production from raw material to hand knitting yarn ball. We are working with professional team to give best service to our valued business partners.


The passion to innovate at Pukka yarn is steered by our promise to always be a 'value addition' partner to our customers by rethinking hand knitting yarn and its components. We provide sustainable hand knitting yarns for the world’s growing demand. Our innovative solutions have a positive impact on our environment and safeguard our business success. We envision a world where recycled products have become the norm. Where being sustainable creates an innovation loop that goes on forever.



We do best service for our customers. Our challenge is to look through the 3 lenses of “what’s needed, what’s required and what’s possible” to identify and develop products that create a unique demand in the global  sustainable market through a irreplaceable combination of science, technology and persistence.

At Pukka we believe innovation is a science and this allows us to go beyond the requirements of today. Through the integrated business model, Pukka innovates exciting solutions for hand knitting yarn fashion and lifestyle segments.

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